Handi Hidayat Suwardi


An Indonesian citizen, born in 1945. Mr. Hidayat was appointed Independent Commissioner of the Company in November 2006. He is a former Sales Manager of PT Buwono Intracon, Director of The Company (1983-2000) and Commissioner of The Company (2000-2001). He holds a Diploma degree.

Surja Hartono


An Indonesian citizen, born in 1972. Mr. Hartono was appointed as Commissioner of the Company in May 2017. He joined the ADR Group of Companies in 1994 and currently serves as Director of PT Adrindo Intiperkasa, PT Adrindo Intisarana, PT Hydraxle Perkasa, PT Prapat Tunggal Cipta and PT Selamat Sempana Perkasa. He previously worked for Harrison Delphi, Lockport NW, USA, and Factory Manager of the Company (1998-2002). He graduated bachelor degree from California State University Long Beach, USA in year 1994 and Master of Management from Institute Pendidikan Pengembangan Manajemen, Jakarta in year 1996

Antonius Saptorahardjo Noviadi


An Indonesian citizen, born in 1965. Appointed as the Nomination and Remuneration Committee Member by the Board of Commissioners, effective 02 April 2018. He joined the ADR Group of Companies in August 2017 and currently serves as Head of Human Capital Division. He had over than 25 years of experience in Human Resources (HR) Management in a national and multinational company amongst other at PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Pioneer- DuPont Indonesia, PT Cargill Indonesia, and PT Salam Pacific Indonesia Lines as well as has experience to manage HR to oversee 8 countries in Regional Asia Pacific. He graduated as Psychologist from the Faculty of Psychology University of Padjadjaran, Bandung in 1992