SMSM, remain parts of the stocks listed in IDX Growth30 Index (IDXG30).

IDX Growth30 Index (IDXG30)

Referring to Announcement of PT Bursa Efek Indonesia (BEI) No.Peng-00027/BEI.POP/01-2020 dated 05 February 2020, SMSM was elected as one of the stock member in IDXG30 Index for period 05 February – 04 August 2020.

IDXG30 Index measures performance of 30 stocks with high liquidity, good corporate fundamentals and selected based on the trend of corporate revenue and earnings.

Brief about IDXG30

On August 12, 2019 The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) issue two new indices namely IDX Value30 and IDX Growth30.

IDX Value30 (IDXV30) is an index that measures the price performance of 30 stocks that have low price valuations with transaction liquidity and good financial performance. Meanwhile, IDX Growth30 (IDXG30) measures the price performance of 30 stocks that have a growth trend in net income and relative income to prices with good financial performance liquidity work transactions.

IDXV30 and IDXG30 index constituent shares are selected from IDX80 Index constituent shares.