SMSM, one of the stock listed in IDX ESG Leaders Index (IDXESGL).

On Monday, 14 December 2020. Indonesia Stock Exchange officially launched IDX ESG Leaders. IDX ESG Leaders index is an index that measures price performance of stocks that become leaders in ESG rating and do not have significant controversies selected from stocks with high trading liquidity and good financial performance. The ESG rating and controversy analysis is developed by Sustainalytics. The announcement of this index launcing can be accessed on pengumuman Bursa No. Peng-00363/BEI.POP/12-2020 on 8 December 2020. On that annoucement, IDX determined 30 stocks that were in accordance with the provisions of the ESG Leaders Index and became the initial constituents of IDX ESG Leaders.

Please visit for further information regarding the ESG data methodology.

Sustainalytics will conduct ESG risk assessment to be used in IDX ESG Leaders index every January - February and July - August.