Growth in Pandemic as the Best Company in the Automotive and Components Sector from Bisnis Indonesia Award (BIA) 2021.

On 15 September 2021, PT Selamat Sempurna Tbk humbled to be recognized by Bisnis Indonesia Award (BIA) 2021 “Growth in Pandemic” as 🏆 Best Listed Company in Automotive and Components Sector.

“Growth in Pandemic” the theme of the Bisnis Indonesia Award 2021 is indeed to give appreciation to Listed Company whom are able to survive and continue growing within the COVID-19 pandemic which the end is still unforeseeable.

"The award is a token of appreciation of the Company's overall commitments and will motivate us to continually grow, putting strategies and capabilities into place to transform SMSM into a faster-growing, more profitable, consistent, competitive, far simpler company and generate positive contributions to all stakeholders.

Sincere gratitude goes to all our loyal customers & wonderful shareholders as well as other stakeholders who have stood by us within such challenging macroeconomic and competitive environments".