PT Selamat Sempurna Tbk, manufacturer of SAKURA Filter has decided to mark World Environment Day 2017 by participating in "Eco Driving 2017" on June 04, 2017 which is organized by the Indonesia Ministry of Environment and Forestry. The aim of the programme is to improve fuel efficiency by changing the daily driving habits.

The Eco-driving campaign empowers members of the Automotive Club in Indonesia with practical information and driving tips to operate their vehicles in a more environmentally friendly way as well as increase their awareness of the importance of energy conservation, environmental protection and general road safety.

It underpins the company’s unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability including the promotion of a vibrant green workplace culture. Among the leading benefits of the Eco-driving programme are fuel efficiencies, lower emissions leading to a cleaner environment, and vehicle accident prevention promoting safer roads.

"We understand that every investment – both large and small – counts in creating a more sustainable future for the company and our planet, we are highly enthusiastic about the tangible ways the Eco-driving programme can benefit the company’s environmental performance while also helping point the way forward for our industry."

The Eco-driving programme complements SAKURA overarching commitment to environmental sustainability.