Sakura Brand Recognition in WOW Brand 300

"SAKURA" was elected as one of the brands in WOW Brand 300 which consists of 300 brand that has many fans in Indonesia. Members of WOW Brand 300 will automatically become a member of Brand for Good Club.

To become a member of Brand for Good Club, should also fulfill to three other aspects that are summarized in ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) or commonly called People, Planet, Profit.

Based on the survey conducted in 18 cities in Indonesia throughout 2015 by MarkPlus Inc., "SAKURA" achieve brand advocacy ratio ( BAR ) : 0.64.

BAR value, is the ratio between the value of advocacy spontaneous to the spontaneous awareness in which the ideal figure is 1, which means the number of people who know the brand equal to the number of people who recommend the brand.