SMSM, one of the stocks listed in Investor33 Index for period June – November 2019

Referring to Announcement of PT Bursa Efek Indonesia (BEI) No.Peng-00211/BEI.POP/05-2019 dated 24 May 2019, SMSM was elected as one of the stock member in Investor33 Index for period June – November 2019.

Short brief about Investor33 Index

IDX along with Media Investor Indonesia on21 March 2014 launched a new stock price index named Investor33. The components of Investor33 Index are 33 stocks selected from 100 (one hundred)Best Listed Companies based on Investor Magazine version. The selection process of constituents of Investor33 involving the Committee of IndexAssessment that was established by Media Investor Indonesia.

The index is expected to be a reference for investor and market participants about listed companiesthat are being actively traded, have a good performance both fundamental performance and technical performance. In the future, Investor33 Indexis predicted to be a benchmark for capital market products such as Mutual Fund, Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), and other derivative products.

The Assessment Committee of Investor33 Index and IDX will conduct periodic reviews towards the index components every 6 (six) months namely in May and November each year so that the components of the index will be updated every June and December. The base calculation date of Investor33 Index is 30 December 2008 with the base value is 100. The calculation method of the index is same as the calculation method of the other IDX index, that using market capitalization weighted average.

By launching the Investor33 index, IDX expects that investors will have reference to choose stocks that have best fundamental performance to invest as well as encourages listed companies to improve their performance so that their stocks can be selected to be included in Investor33 index.