Employment Policy

Respecting and protecting human rights is the foundation for a healthy, sustainable and equitable business. It is crucial for effective relationships with all those on whom we depend. By working in partnership and through a process of continuous improvement, the Company aim to achieve higher standards in the industries in which the Company operate.

Fairness Principle in the workplace ambition is directly linked to the Company's license to operate and the reputational value of the Company's brands. It also contributes positively to business continuity, employee attraction and retention, increased productivity and long-term value to shareholders. The Company understand that business has a responsibility to go beyond legal requirements, to move from 'doing no harm' to 'doing good'.

Equality and Diversity

The Company value diversity in the workforce, and foster a culture of inclusion and equality by ensuring that every employee, regardless of their ethnicity, age and gender, has equal opportunities with regard to recruitment, career development, promotion and compensation. At present, around 15% of the Company's managers are female, and we are continually working to improve the gender balance in the organization through initiatives to prepare more female leaders for the Company's talent pipeline and to make the workplace more conducive for women to reach their full potential.

Health and Safety Policy

The Company has a vision to be an accident free organization by integrating safety in our daily life, every day, everywhere, everyone.

The Company's health and safety policies includes:

  • Committed to provide healthy and safe working conditions.
  • Complies with all applicable legislations and regulations and aims to continuously improve health and safety performance.
  • All of the Company employees have a role to play:
    • All employees are responsible for occupational health and safety of subordinates and third parties in their control.
    • As a condition of employment, employee all have a duty to work safely.

This Policy reflects Company's belief and outlines responsibilities for health and safety.

Employees' health and safety is one of The Company's major priorities. This is defined not just within the Company's policy to prevent work-related accidents and sickness, but is also included in the Key Performance Indicators to ensure that every individual has the responsibility to achieve the zero accident target.

Throughout the year, the Company conducted initiatives through campaigns, assistance, controls, engagements, training, assessment and audit related to work safety. The programmes includes:

  1. Safety Excellence, strengthening Safety Policy through induction to employee.

  2. Process & Fire Safety Compliance, conducting assessment and audit on fire & explosion risks, emergency drill and process safety audit that includes trainings.
  3. Reinforcing Road Safety Rules, strengthening road safety to employee and business partners through strictly comply road safety rules, training and practicing, engagement that includes collaboration with local police, safety communication for Festive (i.e. Mudik), initiatives to share road safety best practice to business partners.
  4. Safety Fit to Win people skills and deployment of global standard, includes participation in government training, certification compliance, Emergency Preparedness Training and Drill, etc. Natural Disaster Response, programmes includes preparing emergency response team and evacuation assistance and procedures for Haze and Earthquake.